200 hundred years ago off the windswept coasts of Ireland…

….its fisherman labored. Their rugged boats were battered by harsh seas as day after grueling day, these stoic seamen hauled in nets heavy with herring, cod, and tuna. Their struggles birthed the classic Fisherman crochet that kept them warm and dry as they pulled those heavy ropes. It wrapped them in the promise of hearth and home and the loving arms of family ashore.

This, then, was the inspiration that created the very same Fisherman crochet that we’ve come to treasure as a symbol of our historic past. Today it is still as warm and comforting and, yes, as beautiful as 200 years ago! Smart, stylish, yet still as useful as it was in the beginning. The perfect finishing touch to your favorite room.

Each of our designs is handmade from Red Heart yarns, a brand as sturdy as those long-ago fishermen. These are made of the classic aran, but 100% acrylic, so they are hypoallergenic. Machine washable and dryable.

Exclusively available on eBay, where we’ve been a member since 2001.

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